Scalp Treatment

How scalp treatment can help prevent hair loss

Hair loss and hair thinning used to be a concern for those in their late fifties, however, there is a growing concern for younger men and women in their early thirties in Singapore and other parts of the world. If you have this problem, it is certainly going to be your goal to address it for good and make your precious hair grow back. Scalp Care should start from the age of 20 to ensure you promote a healthy scalp environment for your hair growth.

Preventing hair loss is always more effective than treating the issue when it happens. Regular Scalp treatments in salons are one of such effective hair loss prevention methods.

Scalp treatment is based on scientific research for one purpose- to improve the condition of the scalp, providing a healthy environment for your hair growth.

A close look at the Scalp Treatment

While the time hair thinning and hair loss starts varies from person to person, it is mostly caused by the following factors;

  • Excessive oil secretion leading to blocked pores and dandruff
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Nutritional imbalance from poor diet
  • Late nights and stress levels

Deep scalp cleanse

Always start with a deep scalp cleansing. Here, the scalp is thoroughly cleansed using a cleansing serum to remove and exfoliate the accumulated dirt from styling products and dead cells from the scalp.

A clean scalp where the scalp is clear and the hair growth follicle area is not clogged.

A scalp clogged with oil

Application of hair growth factors if you already have a hair thinning problem

Tregs is the main cell that affects hair growth and causes hair thinning. Hair growth factors from stem cells that are capable of regenerating body cells are applied. The purpose of this step is to rejuvenate the essential nutrients in the scalp and strengthen the hair root.

After a Scalp Treatment

After the scalp treatment session, you will feel that your scalp feels cleansed and it is free of build-up and oils. Scalp treatment is not a one-off treatment; regular scalp cleaning is required to maintain a healthy scalp.

What a Scalp Procedure can do for you

If you have not tried this hair treatment procedure before, there is a chance that you will be sceptical about trying it. There are proven researches that shows that scalp treatments help to prevent and promote hair growth.

Unlike other hair treatment procedures such as laser treatment, Scalp Treatments come with no side effects or downtime and is 100% safe.

Advantages of Scalp Treatment

Scalp Treatment is a great way to prevent hair loss and hair thinning problem and is perfect for both men and women, safe and without side effects. If you are still in doubt or aren’t really sure whether to try it, the following advantages will impel you to try it;

  • Promote rapid hair growth and volume
  • Regulate scalp sebum
  • Promote blood circulation of the scalp
  • Encourage hair regeneration
  • Restore hair sheen and elasticity
  • Slow down the deterioration of hair follicles
  • Promote oxygen flow to the hair follicles
  • Increase the absorption rate of the scalp

The before and after jaw-dropping photos of people who have undergone this procedure is a clear indication that it is effective.

If for some reasons, you don’t want to try out this treatment therapy, then you should try out any of the following alternatives.

Types of scalp therapy

Specially for Hair loss

These treatment cater specifically for hair loss and hair thinning issues which contains Stemoxydine targeted to increase oxygen levels in the tiny follicles of the scalp to improve the scalp function to promote hair growth

Biodynamics Scalp Treatments

The bio scalp therapy uses all natural ingredients to help cleanse the scalp of build up with specific ranges catered for oil, dry and sensitive scalps. An relaxing treatment complete with essential oils helps to soothe the scalp while purifying it.

Detox Mint Scalp Treatment

If you like the minty refreshing feel after a scalp treatment, try the mint series of scalp treatment which promises to cleanse and refresh your scalp, leaving it feeling fresh and minty.

Who is scalp treatment for?

Scalp treatment is perfect for men and women who have noticed hair thinning as well as for those with scalp issues like dandruff, oily scalp among others.  Reports from professional stylists show that it is a good treatment option for people with excessive oil or sebum production problem.

Is Scalp treatment suitable for those who already have a hair care routine?

If you have a hair care routine you follow meticulously, you may conclude that you don’t need Scalp treatment and that you can address your hair issue on your own.

No doubt, your hair care effort is going to yield good results; you must care of your scalp, as a healthy scalp is a prerequisite to a great hair. That said, you need to keep it in mind that you may not be able to address your hair thinning issues for good on your own, as you don’t have the high-tech equipment found in professional salons that can analyze scalp condition and determine the best way to treat it

Weather and Stress conditions causes the scalp situation to change. This means that they change when you travel to another country or when the weather changes.

How can you tell if the procedure is working?

If you experience lesser hair fall and feel that your hair is stronger and healthier, the scalp treatment is working for you. Remember, great scalp does not happen in a single session. Like facial products, the effect of scalp treatment takes time to set in and will require consistent maintenance to ensure that the scalp is healthy.

Why you should consider Kimage’s scalp treatment?

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Hair thinning Treatment – $180 (complete with homecare)

Bio-Scalp Therapy $ 170 (complete with homecare)

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