All you need to know about Korean Perms!

Hair Perm

Get ready for the new wave of perm in Singapore! It’s time to change up your usual routine of a cut and dye to a new perm! Choose from our variety of perming styles the next time you’re at our salon.

Just as important as the perming process is the maintenance of your curls. It might seem intimidating at first, but your hair routine can be effortless and easy if you just follow these few simple steps (with some pro tips along the way)!


Perming can be slightly drying to the hair and may not work as well for porous hair, especially hair that has been previously bleached. If your hair is bleached but you desperately want a perm, there is still hope – you can still consult our Body & Texture stylists for their advice on whether your hair is suitable for perming (no guarantees though!). The best curls come from chemically untreated hair but fret not if you’re a hair fanatic like us.

Pro tip #1: If you’ve just dyed your hair recently, it is wise to let your hair rest for a few weeks before going in for a perm. This gives your hair a chance to recover and to fully cleanse any leftover chemical dye. To speed up this process, use conditioner generously!

Also keep in mind that the heat and chemicals used during the perming process may lighten your hair color.

Our hairstylists

Always request for a perm specialist or a Body & Texture stylist when you’re booking a perm appointment at any of our Kimage outlets.

Our stylists are here to help and have honed their craft, so feel free to ask them as many questions as you want about post-perm maintenance! As everyone’s hair type is different, it is important you follow their specific instructions for the condition of your hair.

Kimage perm service package includes a Perm + Treatment + Cut at:

$200 for short hair,
$230 for mid length hair,
$260 for long hair.


You can keep your perm looking salon-fresh for longer by following this comprehensive perm guideline.

Perm maintenance

Don’t be afraid to wash your hair after a salon perm, yours curls are firmly locked into place. However, you must be gentle when drying and brushing your hair.

Pro tip #2: Avoid using a comb to brush out your hair as this straightening can loosen your curls overtime. Instead, gently comb through and detangle your hair with your fingers.

Other things to remember:

  1. Cover your hair with a swim cap when swimming
  2. Avoid straightening your hair with a hair iron or blow dryer
  3. Use hair products that are suitable for permed hair

Perm products

It is of utmost importance to rehydrate your hair after the drying process of perming. The Lucicare Milk S or Lucicare Milk C is specially designed to nourish and replenish any lost moisture and nutrients from permed hair!

Strong shampoos such as anti-dandruff shampoos can further strip moisture from your hair and weaken the curls, so avoid those at all costs!

How long does a perm last?

This is the most commonly asked question about perming. The true answer is, it depends. If you follow our advice and dutifully maintain your beautiful locks, they can stay curly for up to 8 months. But without any maintenance, you risk your curls will loosen and become frizzy quickly.

If this is too much work for you, you can opt for more a more effortless and natural perming style. Although these styles require less styling, some basic maintenance is still necessary!

Perm trends

Perm types

There are 2 main curl types to choose from when perming your hair, and these will frame your face differently and help you achieve different looks overall!

The S Curl

S curls are gentler and diffused throughout the hair. This will give you a more effortless and naturally wavy hair look, and is generally more low maintenance as well. The S curl doesn’t discriminate and will look good on any hair lengths!


The C Curl

C curls create the look of soft smooth hair that curls lightly outwards on inwards at the ends. This style looks best on mid-length hair in order to help frame your face and enhance your jawline. Extremely popular in Korea, it gives you a very polished and youthful look!



Perming methods

Cold Perm

A cold perm does not use any heat and generally produces tighter and more voluminous curls.

Hot Perm/Digital Perm

Hot or digital perms create nicely defined loose curls.

Pro tip #3: If you have previously-rebonded hair, only hot perms are strong enough to re-curl it!

Airwave Perm

This perm uses the Airwave machine which uses air currents to curl the hair. This new technology does the least damage to your hair and is the most suitable for people with more thin or dry hair types.

It creates big voluminous waves rather than tight curls, and keeps your hair looking healthy, shiny, and silky even after a perm!

Fringe Stitching

This is a Kimage-exclusive perm, expertly developed by our Body & Texture specialists. Fringe-stitching is a special kind of perm that holds your fringe in place to avoid any of those annoying gaps!



Cushion Perm

The cushion perm is a new technique of perming that gives your hair volume without curls! This is achieved by perming the hair at the hair root instead of the ends. Cushion perms are the perfect solution for those who have flat thin hair and want bigger hair with more attitude!

How do I choose a perm!

Look online for inspiration! It’s always helpful to have a photo on hand during consultation to show your stylist, although do note that achieving your desired perm is highly dependent on your hair type and condition. You can then leave it to our expert stylists to decide which perming method is best suited for your hair and the perm that you want.

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