Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment

Love to have healthy, long and shiny hair? Bringing this dream to life is somewhat challenging due to the daily exposure to pollution, hair styling products that contain chemicals which can cause the hair to lose its shine. Blow drying which seems rather harmless can also damage the natural keratin of the hair due to the heat from the dryer. When the natural keratin in the hair becomes depleted, the hair cortex becomes exposed to more damage from the environment.

While there are several approaches you could take to address this issue, you need to keep in mind that the most effective way to make your hair become, longer, thicker, and healthier is by getting a keratin treatment. What exactly is Keratin treatment? How does it work? Which hair type is it suitable for?
Before diving right into the first question, we are first going to be taking a close look at keratin.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is the name of an important protein found in hair strands. It helps to strengthen the hair and gives it, its structure. That said, it is unfortunate, that chemical-based hair product, as well as unsuitable atmospheric condition, can destroy the keratin in the outer and inner part of our hair.

What exactly is keratin treatment?

Keratin treatment is a special chemical-based hair therapy that is designed to increase the elasticity, sheen, thickness, and health of the hair. In a nutshell, the procedure helps to restore the lost keratin in the hair through an artificial method know as Keratin Treatment.
Keratin treatment works splendidly to remove unwanted curls, roughness and enliven the hair. The treatment will save you the pain of straightening your hair every day. While the Keratin treatment isn’t permanent, it is a great alternative for hair straighteners.

How the treatment works?

The process is somewhat different from many hair treatment procedures out there. It involves the binding of keratin to the hair. A flat iron is used during the process. The heat emanating from the iron makes the mixture that is used to straighten the hair.
There are a handful of essential chemicals that are used alongside the keratin during the treatment. The role of these chemicals is to help the keratin function properly. The entire process is likely going to take about 3 hours. However, if your hair is long, the treatment may take a bit longer.
After you have undergone the sealing process, you can wash your hair the next day, using shampoos which are formulated for Keratin treated hair to maintain the effects of your Keratin Treatment. To ensure the best results, make sure that the shampoo and hair product you are using doesn’t have sodium sulfate.
Below is a sneak peek of what the treatment looks like.
When you arrive at the salon or hair care centre, the stylist will first wash your hair to remove build ups in your hair. The Stylist will then apply the keratin treatment to your hair and go over the entire hair length with a flat iron to seal in the treatment.

Which hair type is keratin treatment suitable for?

Keratin treatments are effective and can make your hair look better however the treatment isn’t suitable for every hair type. If you are considering to perm your hair at somepoint in time, try avoiding Keratin Treatments as Keratin treated hair are not good candidates for a hair perm. Instead of doing a Keratin Treatment, try going for the Anti-Frizz Gloss treatment if you prefer to have straight hair now but may be considering a hair perm in the future.
Keratin treatment works best for those with naturally curly or frizzy hair.
How long does the treatment last?
Keratin treated hair when used with the correct shampoo typically lasts for 2-4 months depending on your original hair condition. The more damaged your hair is, the more Keratin it is able to absorb, which also makes the treatment last longer.

Before and after a keratin treatment

After the Keratin Treatment session, your once frizzy and dry hair will transform into shiny and silky locks.

Below are four things you are going to get when you sign up for the treatment;

  • Your hair will be frizz free
  • The texture and the hair will improve
  • Expect shinier hair
  • Time spent on styling your hair straight will be much shorter


Kimage Keratin Treatment is at $350 (short), $400 (mid), $450 (long), $500 (extra long).

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