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Sun, Sand, Sea and Perfect Hair

The sun, sand, sea and perfect hair to boot? We can’t ask for a better combination to be happy about.

Definition & Texture

If you’re up for an slightly different rendition of the long length and undercut, opt for a light body perm and an ashy hue so that your hair has more definition and texture.

Fresh & Chic

Gone are the days of recalling the perfect customised shade that your stylist gave you months ago. With our latest ColourCode service, your unique signature hair colour can be replicated after your first personalised consultation service! Cheryl had her hair Read more …

Undercut Hairstyle for Men

When you have distinct features and natural curls like @moozeebutt, an undercut with a long hair length at the top does wonders for the jawline. Stylist, Viona Low from our Northpoint salon then mixed in some highlights to enhance his Read more …

Romantic Tones

Channel the fun and carefree side of you in with romantic tones in your hair. We love how Samantha’s tresses complement the pretty lavender fields in Thailand!